Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Crawling in Caves & Shadows

I’ve stayed, gathering night shadows like small
pox blankets around my shoulders, comfort
in the short term
and, anyway, I already have a hacking

Tree limb shadows stripe
My skin as if lashes from a lover’s whip,
Cover my scars
Like pale silk veils.

I scutter, low, until transfixed;
a bright moon
me naked to the forest floor
stripping layers and masks
collapsing shuttered
realities, narrowing
possibilities like a box opened on a dead
cat, a wave not just broken
but that never was.

Staring, silent, a dumb
animal, clawed night fingers
thrust up from tree trunks
mark time against the wheeling
night sky, stars turned pin-wheel lines
if only the retina carried a memory.

I am pieces projected, scraps displayed
in willful syncopation, beautiful patches
proudly shown to distract from the shoddy
and unfinished quilt. . .
My gestalt thickens,
becoming less protection and more definition.

No dog, but a cold and lonely wolf,
too frightened to seek warmth
and servitude or friendship
at distant fires
I turn, moving into the deeper dark.


Blogger Grendel said...

As always, I welcome any comments or suggstions. Specifically, I feel the last two stanza may be too abstract and don't flow together well.

4:42 PM  
Blogger Cherry Red said...


Wow. Wish I could suggest something, but my poetry was never this good. I'm really impressed. Not helpful at all. Sorry. Thank you for posting it.

I love stopping back and rereading your poems. My husband writes stuff like this. I don't have the flair for the abstract that the two of you possesss. I'll have to stick with writing fiction.

Have a great night,
Kim :)

12:35 AM  
Blogger Grendel said...

Thanks, Kim. :) While I always appreciate criticism, hearing its good is always nice too. Thanks for stopping in to comment, I appreciate it.

8:42 AM  
Blogger Cherry Red said...

I know what you mean. If I give someone a scene to critique and all they say is "I loved it" that's really nice, but it's not helpful. I wish I had the telent in poetry to be helpful, but at least you have a fan out here in Bloggerland, which is nice too.


8:51 AM  

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