Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Going South Out of Canada

My family left at the end of October,
bags packed, clothes folded and our books
stored in boxes.

We left behind blankets, mattresses
and everything we loved because of its place,
there, in that house surrounded by aspen.
A leather easy chair, the hideaway bed too heavy
to carry out the half a mile to the cars,
the book about the one eyed man
that scared me for years
diamond willow
book shelves, my bed, hand built from pine,
the TV we watched hockey on every Saturday
night during winter,
the fireplace, the sauna

We left our rock-bottomed creek behind
and the sucker run every year. We left the Big Ridge, named by us,
spruce bogs and cedar swamps, Northwest Bay and lake water we drank
without boiling, springs red from iron, Wolf Rock
that sheltered a bear instead. We traded them for softer lines,
the artificial mountains of the Iron Range
and hills covered by trees and leaves instead of bare glacial rock.


Blogger Cherry Red said...

Wow! How sad. I bet you really miss it. I know I would miss such a place. My favorite thing is to drive to the mountains (a couple of hours away) or through the local canyons (10 minutes away). I would be in heaven to live someplace like that. I hope wherever you live now has a similar quality so you are not too homesick.


9:57 PM  
Blogger Grendel said...

Actually, I lived in the Cities for awhile (Minneapolis and St. Paule, MN to the rest of the world) then moved back north to Grand Rapids MN. We made the move out of Canada many years ago, so Grand Rapids has been "home" for quite awhile. Thanks for stopping by again. :)

9:28 AM  

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